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Web Writer Contributions

We sincerely invite people who are passionate about instant games and have unique insights into them to contribute to our website ( about H5 game reviews and recommendations, the latest market dynamic analysis content), once quoted and displayed, we will pay a certain commission as a reward.

Submission Method

1. Send your manuscript to our exclusive submission email:

2. Write and submit online on the site, then wait for our content to be reviewed and approved to show up on your profile page.

About Commissions

Since your manuscripts are all independent pages, we will count the number of users visiting the web page and calculate the corresponding reward amount. Even if you re-post someone else's content that attracts visitors to your social media platform, we will calculate a reward amount that will be shown on your profile and we will credit a monthly commission to the online payment account you provided.

In-game site promotion

If you are an individual or a team of game developers and have the latest work you would like to promote through our platform, you can contact our operations colleagues to communicate.

Operations email:

Business cooperation

If you have a need for advertising, promotion of our website, or website friendship and mutual linking, you can contact our business colleagues.

Business email: